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Crime Scene Cleanup Video Information


Homicide, Suicide, Unattended Death, Traumatic Blood Loss

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Homicide, Suicide, Unattended Death, Traumatic Blood Loss

Cash - Check - Credit Card - Homeowners Insurance

I am Eddie Evans, and this is my crime scene cleanup website. I have over 18 years experience in the crimes and cleanup filled and I have owned my own company during this time.

I offer crime scene cleanup prices at fair and reasonable rates while guaranteeing my work. My "guaranteeing my work," I mean that if I missed something in the client needs more cleaning, then a return to the death scene, the trauma soon. I have had this policy for the entire period of my business experience, and I've returned on three different crime scene cleanup jobs. One of these I returned my own volition because I had an uneasy feeling. I'm glad that I did, because I missed something and it needed to be removed pronto. On another occasion I return to Las Cruces, New Mexico and found that my client confuse black mold behind a curtain with remnants of suicide debris. On another occasion I was called to a scene in California, and here matter from an unattended death received proper removal, although matter on a shower from a preincident soiling required removal this is to say that my time in presence not further required.

None of this matters, though, when a client asked me return I return and this is my guarantee. I'm in the death cleanup business after all, and there's no other way to run a death cleanup business then to offer a guarantee for cleaning up blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).

Many people confuse crime scene cleanup with biohazard cleanup, and it is no wonder. Consider that Hollywood is a history of creating films exploited the trauma of a homicide, suicide, or even attended death. In fact, a Los Angeles police department standards TV series made wide use of blood cleanup activities.


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Crime scene cleanup and Emotionial Issues

There remains a strong connection between Stoicism and consequences. Crime scene cleanup practitioners would do well to consider applying a form of Stoic perseverance to their cleaning practice.

First, consider how repetition allows us to become better equipped to cope with emotions. For example, on our first day of school, we look upon our new classmates and towering teachers with some nervousness. By the end of our first week, we're on our way, well experienced in the patterns and practices of life in a Kindergarten class.

I know for a fact that my first crime scene cleanup job caused great stress as I entered the crime scene. I made my way to a bedroom in which a suicide had occurred. On my way to the room, the fragrance of putrefying matter entered my nostrils and caused a momentary form of nausea. I hesitated to continue and considered leaving. I knew that if I gave up, I forfeited the expense of flying to my crime scene cleanup training. The cost of a motel room added to the crime scene cleanup school's fee hurt too much. So I continued walking toward the death scene and found the blood-splattered apartment with heavy blood soiling upon a mattress on the floor below.

An elementary school teacher had blown his head off with a high-powered Russian Mauser, as related by management. While cleaning this room, I surmised that the suicide victim had first tried committing suicide with pills; I found pills scattered around the bathroom floor. He worked quickly at his suicide because he knew that his wife and two daughters were due to return from a soccer game. I also found that this 6th-grade teacher had molested several of his sixth-grade students, as related by management; he had tried to hang himself in the closet. I found a noose hanging from the closet coat hanger pole. I also saw razor blades for shaving on the bathroom sink with a sizable amount of blood contamination.

Finally, though, successful suicide could not be mistaken. The erstwhile schoolteacher had used a rifle to inflict the killing wound to his head. In so doing, blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) had splattered what I call "360 top to bottom." This means that the suicide debris had contaminated the floor, the ceiling, and all four walls, including the contents.

The suicide cleanup took me three days to clean. I removed the bulk of contaminated objects on the first day. I worked slowly and deliberately, trying to be extraordinarily cautious for my health as well as cleaning. I exaggerated all movements. The second day I returned for fine cleaning, "detail cleaning." Crime scene cleanup is not like Molly Maid cleaning, as wonderful as these cleaners have proven their skills. Crime scene cleanup is not a type of motel-like cleaning, either. Crime scene cleanup means removing all blood and OPIM. After repeatedly cleaning and testing, I could not help detecting a strong decomposition order. As a result, I returned the third day.

On the third day, I continued to work deliberately while searching for any matter that could cause a powerful, putrifying odor. Within the room, I could find none. As the day drew to a close, management arrived in the to check on my progress. A young lady accompanied the manager to the death cleanup, but remained outside of the death scene room and stood in the hallway. As she stood in the hallway, she happened to glance down to a dark corner of the hall and noticed an unfamiliar object upon the carpet. She pointed it out, and when I checked, it appeared to be a piece of tongue. It also had a very noxious odor.
The rifle bullet's velocity had carried the piece of the tongue into the hallway, where it struck the wall and fell to the floor. I learned a lot from this one physics lesson, which I found repeated over the years. "Never assume it all stays in the room."

I placed the offending matter in a red bag, cut out the offending carpet and carpet padding with my "bloody Mary" carpet cutting tool, and for the sake of being thorough, I scrubbed and rinsed with Clorox cleaning solution. I then further decontaminated the area with a water and bleach solution, per Center for Disease Control recommendations. The odor began to dissipate.

I point out this crime scene cleanup job because one, suicide cleanup is a type of crime cleanup. Suicide is a crime, and most importantly, I gained three days of emotional experience. This intense emotional experience continued for three days as I became more involved with the cleaning and more concerned with the suicide victim's life. I could not help noticing the many objects detailing the victim's life. I became emotionally involved at my emotional health. A sophist would agree with concern and feelings of compassion, but not an emotional attachment to the death scene or the crime scene cleanup victim. Do so at your own risk. This lesson applies to life in general, too!

Management had shared personal knowledge of the victim's life and employment as well as his alleged crime. So one might think, carrying the emotional baggage from this type of experience would wear out a new crime scene cleaner. Hence, the value of philosophy like Stoicism.


You will find three takeaways from this crime scene cleanup video.

One, if you want to become a crime scene cleaner, do not expect to make big money. Crime scene cleanup company owners make big money, and they make this money from the labor of their employees. Crime scene cleanup company owners charge homeowners insurance companies obscene amounts of money for this primary, janitorial service. Homeowners insurance drives crime scene cleanup businesses, mostly.

Crime Scene Cleanup Cronyism (AKA "Trump University-like Scams" - - What can you say about a draft dodger?)

Two, if you want to become a crime scene cleaner, do not pay to go to a crime scene cleanup school. Crime scene cleanup schools may lead you to blood-borne pathogen training certificates, but these certificates can be earned online for about $20-$25. Go to Google or Bing and type in blood-borne pathogen training, and you will be led to coursework for online certification. More crime scene cleanup companies hire their employees whether or not these employees go to a crime scene cleanup school. Cleaning companies, overall, prefer to train their employees in their own way.

Crime Scene Cleanup Cronyism

Three, if you expect to start a crime scene cleanup company, you're out of luck unless you have a close connection to a corner employ. Such an employee will have first or early contact with crime scene cleanup victims' families. This employee will willingly, knowingly direct families to preferred crime scene cleanup companies, which then pay a 10% kickback or more for this crony relationship; we call this crony capitalism, like that found in Washington DC between the Pentagon, the Congress, and lobbyists, the "Deep State."

To summarize, do not spend money on a crime scene cleanup school unless you have money to burn. Do not expect to start your own crime scene cleanup company unless you know somebody in a coroner' department involved in a crony relationship with a crime scene cleanup company.

Take note, the number of coroner employees engaged in this type of cronyism remains very small and must be the nature of county level cronyism employees, a very small number; it does not work with large numbers, probably, but who knows? Most county coroner employees work very hard at a very disagreeable task. That's the sociology of it.

This writer has 18 years in the business and has a profound dislike for draft dodgers, especially draft dodging, climate change deceiving politicians. Take it as you like or become another crime scene cleanup sucker. Good luck.